Aimee Talks About Her Career as a Hairdresser

January 28, 2017

My hairdressing education started as young 5 years old I guess, as soon as I was old enough to sort out colours I was handed a box of perm rollers and asked by my mother to colour organise them and pass them up to her….. I grew up in the height of the 80’s watching my mother doing perms like I now do fullheads…..hairdressing was in the blood, it’s something I’ve been around my whole life.
But it wasn’t until I was 22 that I decieded I was going to train and carry out an apprenticeship, which in the world of hairdressing is pretty late.
My best friend Paul worked for Toni and Guy it was the best place in Ireland for training with renowned trainers and art directors Catherine Sweeney, the Davey Davey brothers. There was no where else in Ireland I was going to qualify and learn this craft with the best in the Irish industry.
After a year in Australia working in various salons as an assistant I came home and succeeded in getting my foot in the door Toni&Guy Naas…..and so my journey began.
Been that little older meant that I had the sense to throw myself into training and get it done quicker then the average time. I had no fear of it. I completed a 3 to 4 year apprenticeship in 1 year, I worked really hard using all my free times doing models and passing my exams. I went through the 12 week vardering process up in the Toni & Guy Academy and passed with distinction.
I was on the floor fully qualified and buzzing from the whole experience. Been up in Dublin made me realise there was so much more to this industry then the chair in front of a mirror. Creatively i was bursting…. so many great hairdressers around me, so much competition, I decided I was going to compete I entered in house competitions and came first  in an avant grade competition and decided then I was going to enter ” hair idol ” a huge competition ran each year in conjunction with L’Oréal. I got through each round only to miss out on the finals, all amazing experience.
I settled really well into Naas, we had all the frills of Toni & Guy but comforts of a smaller crew. The girls all looked out for each other, brought each other along respected and helped each other there was no “dog eat dog” in Naas, I loved it there loved seeing my clients coming back looking for me and in lots of cases to this day have made lots of friendships that I look forward to catching up with every couple weeks.
2yrs been qualified though I decided I was up for another challenge……hairdressing is the type of industry where u need to be capable of improving yourself constantly, trends change with different seasons…..
I went to my bosses and asked them if I reached my targets could I be put forward for the L’Oréal colour specialist programme. It’s an 8 week course which takes you out of the salon and through a rigorous daily course in the L’Oréal academy, as far as colour goes you can’t get more qualified then this back in 2007 there was only 100 or so hairdressers  in the whole of Ireland with this qualification. I succeeded and passed with distinction. I was chuffed. I went back to salon full of confidence in what I was doing and capable of. It’s stood its test to date I’m still part of the elite club and get to be updated first on any trading and products been launched.
Personally at that point I could time from the extra pressures and Got married bought a home and had 2 baby girls all the while still in Naas working for Toni & Guy.
The next chapter in my work life came like a bolt from the blue, it wasn’t anything I was expecting, but the end of Toni & Guy in 2015 was the first chapter of ” Studio20 ”
I got on that rollercoaster with Kim in February 2015 and I’m still up and down on it. Learning a new set of skills contanstly pushing myself and a great team of girls around us. Updating our skills and crafts from Vegas to London to Dublin back to Studio 20 Naas. Where I hope it continues to grow.