Great Lengths Hair Extensions 

March 07, 2017
At Studio20 Naas we like to provide our clients with the best possible treatments and that is why we decided that if we were going to apply hair extensions  we wanted the best available.
Great lengths extensions do not cause  any damage to your hair and in fact your hair can grow longer and stronger while they are in your hair. The special protein that bonds the hair together with your own was made to minic our own hair structure. Great lengths extensions use keratin bonds to fuse the hair together, Keratin is the same substance that is found naturally in our hair.
Great lengths hair is also 100% ethnically sourced and fully traceable, click here to learn more.
Hair extensions don’t just add length to your hair and  infact most of our clients don’t even want the length they want hair extensions to give there natural hair a fuller look,as you can see from the pictures they really give amazing results!
Consultations are free and you don’t need to make an appointment for them, so pop in and chat to one of our extension specialists.
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